The LRMI: Part of a “Potent Alphabet Soup”

In an article published on November 2nd by EdSurge News, consultant and author Frank Catalano describes a “potent alphabet soup” of initiatives that may reconfigure the “underlying plumbing” for digital learning content. Catalano gives capsule summaries of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI), Learning Registry, and Shared Learning Infrastructure (SLI).

In the article, Catalano also offers his estimate of what he calls the “Industry Cluelessness Factor” (ICF) for each of these initiatives. According to Catalano, the LRMI has the broadest level of industry awareness, with an ICF of 50%. Meanwhile, he assigns cluelessness factors of 70% to the Learning Registry and and even higher 90% to the Shared Learning Infrastructure, developed under the aegis of the Shared Learning Collaborative.

Catalano says content companies should pay attention to the LRMI because once its specification has been approved by, the major search engines will begin using it in delivering search results. “If you don’t use LRMI tags, your digital content may not be as discoverable in the major search engines where many educators begin looking for classroom materials,” writes Catalano. “Not taking part in LRMI may hurt your content’s SEO.”

To learn more, read the full article from EdSurge News.