[SLIDES] LRMI Metadata Meetup, July 2014

See slides from the LRMI Education Metadata Update in Washington, DC, featuring more than a dozen presenters discussing LRMI usage in a variety of settings: statewide education initiatives, developers/solutions providers, content providers/curators, and nonprofit institutions.

[SLIDES and VIDEO] LRMI Session at SXSWedu, March 2014

See slides and video from the LRMI session at the SXSWedu conference, featuring Michael Jay of Educational Systemics, Trilby Berger of MetaMetrics, and Sue Buesing of Buesing & Associates.

[AUDIO] Presentation on Education Talk Radio, Nov. 2013

Larry Jacobs interviews LRMI Project Manager Dave Gladney and Educational Systemics President Michael Jay on the topic of “Ed Resource Cataloging With LRMI.”

[SLIDES] Presentation at EDPUB Conference in Boston, Oct. 2013

See a presentation on “Extending to Improve Education Resource Discovery & Accessibility” by Michael Jay of Educational Systemics and Gerardo Capiel from Benetech.

[SLIDES] LRMI Workshop in Denver, Colorado, Sept. 2013

See presentations on “LRMI: Background and State of the Spec” by Dave Gladney and Michael Jay, “Extending LRMI: PD & Accessibility Communities of Practice” by Lisa McLaughlin, and “Using LRMI: Applying LRMI With Digital Tools” by Sue Cowden, Thor Prichard, Jim Klo, and Jason Hoekstra.

[SLIDES] LRMI Session at STATS Conference in Washington, DC, July 2013

See presentations on “What’s New with the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (and Why I Should Care)” by Tim Farquer, Jim Goodell, Jason Hoekstra, and Michael Jay.

[SLIDES] LRMI Session at ISTE in San Antonio, June 2013

See presentations by Marti Heyman, Cengage Learning; Roger Rosen, Rosen Publishing; and Michael Jay, Educational Systemics.

[SLIDES] LRMI Workshop in Washington, DC, June 2013

This free, full-day workshop included presentations by Michael JayGeoff Fletcher, Brandt Redd, Steve Nordmark, Chuck Myers, Ted Willard, Omar Khan, and others.

[VIDEO] LRMI at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Watch the LRMI presentation from the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair: “Education Metadata—Why the LRMI Will Change Your Business.” Slides available via Slideshare.

[VIDEO] Tagger Application Demo
Fifteen-minute demo of the open source tagger application being developed by Agilix Labs, Inc., hosted by Eric Weiss, LRMI Project Lead at Agilix.

[VIDEO] “Learning Resource Metadata for”
(Blackboard Collaborate download required)
LRMI Technical Working Group member Phil Barker (JISC CETIS) held a webinar that covered both and the LRMI as well as a more in-depth look at implementation. Slides also available via Slideshare.

[VIDEO] Education Data Standards Overview
 This session from AEP’s June 2012 Metadata Lab includes presentations from Jack Buckley (NCES), Ross Santy (US DOE), and Steve Midgley (US DOE).

[VIDEO] Everything You Need to Know About LRMI
This session from AEP’s June 2012 Metadata Lab includes presentations from Brandt Redd (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Greg Grossmeier (Creative Commons), Mark Leutzelschwab (Agilix Labs), Michael Jay (Educational Systemics), and Steve Nordmark (Knovation).