[AUDIO and SLIDES] LRMI Webinar, Nov. 2013

Hear presentations and see slides from LRMI Project Dave Gladney, Educational Systemics President Michael Jay, Laura Ellis of McGraw-Hill, David Grandison of BrainPOP, and Trilby Berger of MetaMetrics. 

[AUDIO] Presentation on Education Talk Radio, Nov. 2013

Larry Jacobs interviews LRMI Project Manager Dave Gladney and Educational Systemics President Michael Jay on the topic of “Ed Resource Cataloging With LRMI.”

[SLIDES] Presentation at EDPUB Conference in Boston, Oct. 2013

See a presentation on “Extending to Improve Education Resource Discovery & Accessibility” by Michael Jay of Educational Systemics and Gerardo Capiel from Benetech.

[SLIDES] LRMI Workshop in Denver, Colorado, Sept. 2013

See presentations on “LRMI: Background and State of the Spec” by Dave Gladney and Michael Jay, “Extending LRMI: PD & Accessibility Communities of Practice” by Lisa McLaughlin, and “Using LRMI: Applying LRMI With Digital Tools” by Sue Cowden, Thor Prichard, Jim Klo, and Jason Hoekstra.

[SLIDES] LRMI Session at STATS Conference in Washington, DC, July 2013

See presentations on “What’s New with the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (and Why I Should Care)” by Tim Farquer, Jim Goodell, Jason Hoekstra, and Michael Jay.

[SLIDES] LRMI Session at ISTE in San Antonio, June 2013

See presentations by Marti Heyman, Cengage Learning; Roger Rosen, Rosen Publishing; and Michael Jay, Educational Systemics.

[SLIDES] LRMI Workshop in Washington, DC, June 2013

This free, full-day workshop included presentations by Michael JayGeoff Fletcher, Brandt Redd, Steve Nordmark, Chuck Myers, Ted Willard, Omar Khan, and others.

[VIDEO] LRMI at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Watch the LRMI presentation from the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair: “Education Metadata—Why the LRMI Will Change Your Business.” Slides available via Slideshare.

[VIDEO] Tagger Application Demo
Fifteen-minute demo of the open source tagger application being developed by Agilix Labs, Inc., hosted by Eric Weiss, LRMI Project Lead at Agilix.

[VIDEO] “Learning Resource Metadata for”
(Blackboard Collaborate download required)
LRMI Technical Working Group member Phil Barker (JISC CETIS) held a webinar that covered both and the LRMI as well as a more in-depth look at implementation. Slides also available via Slideshare.

[VIDEO] Education Data Standards Overview
 This session from AEP’s June 2012 Metadata Lab includes presentations from Jack Buckley (NCES), Ross Santy (US DOE), and Steve Midgley (US DOE).

[VIDEO] Everything You Need to Know About LRMI
This session from AEP’s June 2012 Metadata Lab includes presentations from Brandt Redd (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Greg Grossmeier (Creative Commons), Mark Leutzelschwab (Agilix Labs), Michael Jay (Educational Systemics), and Steve Nordmark (Knovation).