“Caution: Opportunity Ahead” by Tim Farquer and “The LRMI” by Victor Rivero (interview with LRMI Project Manager Dave Gladney), EdTech Digest, November 6 and 7, 2013. Farquer discusses the Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE) and its use of LRMI, and Gladney answers questions about LRMI’s history, value to both educators and content providers, and current projects.

 “The Learning Registry and the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative: Powerful Tools to Personalize Learning,” by Dave Gladney, EdNET Insight, October 4, 2013. Citing speakers from the LRMI workshop in Denver on September 22, Gladney’s article gives updates on both the Learning Registry and the LRMI and describes how the combined power of the two can support personalized learning for students.

“Sifting the Data” by John K. Waters, T.H.E. Journal, January 2013. This article addresses the challenge of information overload when searching for educational resources and describes how the LRMI can help. The article includes interviews with Dave Gladney, AEP’s LRMI project manager, as well as publishers Roger Rosen and Lee Wilson.

“The LRMI: A Common Sense Method for Finding Common Core Resources” by Dave Gladney, EdTech Digest, December 14, 2012. This guest column by AEP’s LRMI project manager discusses how the LRMI can support personalized learning by making it easier to locate just the right learning resources to meet identified student needs. The article includes an example of how an educator might use the LRMI search criteria to find resources pertaining to a specific Common Core standard.

“Potent Alphabet Soup: How SLI, LR, and LRMI Will Shape Education Technology Content” by Frank Catalano, edSurge, November 2, 2012. This article describes the effect that the Shared Learning Infrastructure, the Learning Registry, and the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative are likely to have on the education industry.

“Common Identifiers for the Common Core” by Brandt Redd, August 29, 2012. This post on Redd’s “Of That” blog describes how Common Core is in the process of developing “an open set of learning objectives based on a fine-grained parsing of the Common Core.” This blog post does not specifically address the work of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, but it touches upon many related concepts and projects.

“Metadata: The Big Data of the Educational Resource Community” by Charlene Gaynor, EdNet Insight, August 24, 2012. AEP’s CEO offers insights into the role of big data in educational publishing and the work of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative.

“Diane Ravitch’s Blog” by Diane Ravitch, August 22, 2012. This post hosts a lively discussion about the Common Core standards and includes a reference to an LRMI blog post.

“Hey, Mom, Where’s My Slide Rule?” by Annie Murphy Paul, MSN Living, August 2012. From slide rules to laptops, from encyclopedias to search engines, the technology of learning continues to evolve rapidly. Paul’s article outlines the results of a new survey conducted by PARADE and Microsoft Office titled “Back-to-School Survey: Technology, Then & Now.”

“Big Data Has Come to Education: Why Openness Must Come Next” by Vineet Madan, Huffington Post Education, posted June 27, 2012. This article offers an overview of “big data” and what it means for education.

“Kids Prefer to ‘Google It’ Than Ask Teachers or Parents,” Birmingham Science City (UK), March 2012. This survey found that more than half of 6- to 15-year-olds (54%) would turn to Google first when trying to answer a question; just 26% would turn to a parent and only 3% to a teacher.

“rNews Is Here. And This Is What It Means” by Evan Sandhaus, The New York Times, February 16, 2012. This article examines the implications of rNews, the new metadata tagging system for the news industry.