LRMI Featured at SLC Camp

The LRMI received good attention at the Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC) Camp and Codeathon in New York City on October 21-22. The camp brought together educators, publishers, start-up founders, and developers to collaborate in brainstorming (and actually beginning to develop) innovative education ideas and apps designed for classroom use.

On Saturday morning, Stephen Coller of the Gates Foundation gave an overview of the SLC and its mission to help enable personalized instruction for students of all ages through effective use of technology. “One of the only things that will make a difference in a child’s life is quality education,” Coller said. “This could fundamentally shift the foundation of educational opportunity.”

Next, Sharren Bates and a teacher panel discussed ways the work of the SLC could benefit both teachers and students in a variety of scenarios. The goal, said Bates, is to “enable application and innovation.”

Following that spirit of innovation, developers and educators were given an opportunity to present their ideas for new education apps. Then developers, educators, and potential funders came together over ideas that interested them, and teams formed. These teams worked on development of the apps throughout the afternoon and into the next day, presenting their “finished” concepts on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, educators had an opportunity on Saturday afternoon to attend a session on Common Core and the LRMI, featuring a panel that included representatives of the New York State Education Department and a metadata tagging firm. The NYSED representatives talked about the changes that the Common Core State Standards were bringing to education in New York State and nationally, and Sue Buesing of McHugh & Associates described the potential of the LRMI to help educators and students more easily find the educational resources they need when conducting online searches. She described the LRMI Tagger application and demonstrated how it worked with some sample materials.

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