Advisory Group

The Technical Working Group has drawn on both the technical and practical knowledge of the LRMI Advisory Group to ensure the outcome of the project meets the needs of all constituencies. The Advisory Group was designed to be comprised of representatives from the project’s initial launch partners. The designations below were current as of the time the Advisory Group was constituted.

Emilio Bernabei
Director Business Ecosystem
SMART Technologies Inc.

Midian Kurland
SVP Technology and Development
Scholastic Inc.

Gary Lopez
Executive Director
Monterey Institute for Technology in Education

Madi Solomon
Director, Content Standards

Ramona Pierson
Head of Science Education, Chief Science Officer

Chris Chung
Dir. Content Structure and Standards
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Lisa Petrides
President and Founder
ISKME – Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education

Kim Jones

Neeru Khosla
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Erin Osborn
VP of Operations and Outreach

Ron Rheinheimer
Vice President
Pearson Education

Mark Robinson
Head of Education Product Strategy

Stephen Howe
Product Manager
McGraw-Hill Education