Educators Share Frustrations, Ideas About Online Search

The Easy Access and Search for Education (EASE) campaign, which invited educators to share their experiences, frustrations, and ideas for improving online search for learning resources, has officially ended. During the month-long campaign, roughly 100 educators submitted EASE feedback, and thousands more are now aware of the LRMI and its goals for improving education search.

Below is a small sample of some of the great comments we received. You can view more on the EASE comments page.

“Too much! There is such an overload that many teachers don’t know where to go and what to use.” Gina G., CEO

“I often say that searching with Google is like drinking water out of a fire hydrant. You need to find ways to filter the results.” Dale R., Teacher-Librarian

“Just finding a resource is not enough; we need information about how this resource was used and in what contexts and what other students/educators think about it.” Salman S., Head of eLearning Department

“It would be wonderful if search results could be delivered by topic or category. Also if there was a way that search results could be marked with a type of reliability label.” Holly L., Campus Technology Support Specialist

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback during this campaign and send our congratulations to all EASE winners who will receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

  • Sandra A., Librarian
  • Susan A., Library Media Specialist
  • Eileen B., Librarian
  • Laura B., Special Education Teacher
  • Elaine C., Teacher/Librarian
  • Elizabeth C., Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Angie M., Media Aide
  • Valerie M., Third-grade teacher
  • Allison N., Teacher
  • Beth O., Elementary Music Teacher
  • Pamela R., First Grade Teacher
  • Gertrude S., Teacher/Librarian
  • Colleen W., High School Math Teacher
  • Cathy E., Librarian
  • Dianne H., Library Technician
  • Kathy H., Teacher
  • Gina G., CEO
  • Susie K., Curriculum Technology Integration Specialist
  • Adrienne M., Teacher
  • Adrienne P., Teacher
  • Kathy R., Music Teacher
  • Salman S., Head of eLearning Department
  • Joan T., Director of Digital Learning
  • Karen V., Computer Studies Teacher
  • Annette W., Teacher

The comment form will remain live for those who still wish to contribute; however, prizes will no longer be awarded.

The developers of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative will share the feedback collected through the EASE program with publishers and technology specialists who are working to finalize the LRMI framework and begin its implementation. We invite you to check back to the LRMI website on a regular basis for updates on this important initiative to improve online search for educational resources.