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General Questions

  • What is the timeframe for the LRMI project?
  • When will this framework be launched?
  • Will AEP and Creative Commons be doing the metatagging themselves?
  • What is the outreach to companies that have already invested an enormous amount of time, money and effort into metatagging? Is there any sort of reconciliation?
  • How will AEP and Creative Commons address the need for explicit specificity in the schema, while keeping the necessary simplicity in the metadata tags for this to be easily adopted industry-wide?
  • This initiative started with the creation of tags in accordance with the Common Core Standards. How will AEP and Creative Commons address tagging for those subject areas outside the Common Core?
  • Are there use restrictions on the schema?
  • Where can I learn more about the project?
  • What has been the process for gathering public input?

Technology questions

  • How does LRMI relate to other education metadata initiatives?
  • CC currently uses and recommends RDFa to describe its licenses and public domain tools and to express license and other information about works released under CC licenses. Doesn’t schema.org utilize microdata instead of RDFa?
  • What is microdata?
  • What is schema.org?
  • What about interoperability?
  • How does microdata relate to XMP, which CC has recommended for metadata embedding in images and other file formats?
  • How will schema.org play out? What does it mean for existing users of RDFa?
  • My website is currently marked up with RDFa from the CC license chooser or my platform generates RDFa for CC licensed works. What will I have to change?
  • Where can I find technical support for this change? How can I help?

Specification questions

  • Where is the property for subject area? Where would I put a value such as “Social Studies” or “Algebra”?
  • Why is there no property for grade level? “typicalAgeRange” is not how we normally define our content.
  • Accessibility is very important in education; where are the terms that deal with accessibility in LRMI?
  • Do all publishers and platforms (both commercial and Open Educational Resource) have to go through all of their content and align it to multiple educational standards now (e.g., Common Core State Standards)?
  • My publisher/school/community/platform finds the use of another property not available in LRMI or Schema.org to be immensely valuable when searching for educational content. How can we use this property?

Legal questions

  • How will the LMRI vocabulary be licensed?

The technology FAQs on this page are republished from Creative Commons with permission via the CC BY license. See the full CC LRMI FAQs.